Selayang Solder Sdn Bhd

Manufacture of Solder Products

Selayang Solder has more than 20 years manufacturing experience of flux cored solder wire under the exclusive license from our holding company, Nihon Genma Mfg.Co. Ltd, Japan. Technology transfers from Nihon Genma has enabled Selayang Solder to produce high quality flux cored solder wires that meets customers’ requirements.

Latest Development
Third generation of Flux Cored Solder Wire – GST that is quick to solder with less spattering.

Superb wettability and stable soldering

Superb near to zero spattering

GST Conventional Solder


Flux MSDS Flux Content (wt%) Halide Content (wt%) Features
GST MSDS 3.18 0.07 Hybrid type of wettability and less spatteringļ¼Ž
MPG-RMA MSDS 3.18 0.07 Ultimate less spattering and high reliability
YS-RMA MSDS 3.18 0.07 Significantly enhanced initial wettability, enabling high-speed and reliable soldering.
DHB-RMA MSDS 3.18 0.07 Spattering of the flux and solder balls at soldering is dramatically improved