Selayang Solder Sdn Bhd

Manufacture of Solder Products

Selayang Solder produces various models of solder cream products. The latest Solder Cream Zero series provides superior joint strength, superb wettability and able to meet high-speed printing in SMT (Surface Mounting Technology) process.

Solder Cream product line up

Product Code Particle Size (μm) Flux Content (wt%) Features Patent No.
NP303-COSMOα-ZQ 22 ~ 38 12.0 Able to store under normal temperature. Reduce imperfect joint In BGA soldering, control “void” generating and improve solderability on Nickel plating #1
ZERO SERIES NP303 – ZYA-1 25 ~ 10 12.0 Fine solder powder for fine pitch such as 0402 chip. Suitable to use in high density PWB. #1
ZERO SERIES NP303 – CQS-1HLT 38 ~ 22 11.3 Greatly reduce “not melting” or imperfect joint in BGA soldering and control “void” generating. #1
NP601-ZP733-GK-5 22 ~ 45 12.0 Sn-Zn series solder cream for low temperature soldering process product such as tuner

#1 US PAT No 5527628

Solder cream COSMO
Zero Series COSMOα is our newly developed solder cream that has outstanding storage stability at ordinary temperature of 35°C. The new developed COSMO flux gives an excellent continuous printability. Stable printability can be obtained easily for fine pitch.